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Di-Anne Elise

Di-Anne Elise, founder of Media Resources Enterprise, is a business communication consultant, best selling author, speaker, coach and trainer in the areas of branding, public relations, marketing and social media strategy. She is the founder of Global Partners Resources Foundation, the former National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) Public Relations woman of the year, the recipient of the WOAMTEC Community Leadership Award, Mrs. Corporate America and the reigning Ms. Corporate America Lifetime Queen. 

Di-Anne has the expertise: professionalism, and people skills to help businesses communicate to the public. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Communication with concentration in Public Relations, and Marketing, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Ashford University; she has a professional broadcasting certification for Radio/TV from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, and a news contributor for WOFL Fox 35 TV Orlando, FL. She assists communication campaigns to promote her client's interests in the areas of branding, public relations, and marketing

Di-Anne's passion is to empower businesses and individuals to achieve best results through public communication.

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